Our Kailua is a new community group dedicated to preserving the soul of our town — everything that makes Kailua, Kailua.

For too long, Big Developers have gotten away with treating Kailua town like a cashbox that exists only for their profit, with no regard for our community, our history, our culture, or the people who call this place home.

Alexander & Baldwin, the developers who currently own the majority of Kailua town (as a legacy of colonization and the Plantation Era), have shown little to no accountability to residents of Kailua in their development plans. They make decisions about the future of our town with no oversight, and seem to be accountable only to their shareholders and their own bottomline. With each mom-and-pop that gets shut down for a Big Box store or tourist attraction, we lose the unique charm and culture that makes Kailua special in the first place.

We won’t let them get away with it any longer. We are coming together — kupuna and keiki, kamaʻāina and kānaka maoli, longtime residents and first generation — to say, “ʻAʻole. Enough is enough.” We demand a say in the future of our town. We demand an end to developer control of Kailua with no accountability to residents.

In Our Kailua, people have a say over what happens in our community. In Our Kailua, we care for and look out for each other. In Our Kailua, landowners are stewards of the culture, the people, and the ʻāina. In Our Kailuathe things we all grew up loving, the things that make this town great, will be there for the next generation, and for generations to come.

We have an opportunity to take a stand right now. Alexander & Baldwin has announced that in January of 2019, it’s demolishing one of the last great historic landmarks of Old Kailua — the Pali Lanes bowling alley — in order to build a tourist attraction that will all but complete Kailua’s transformation to the Waikiki of the Eastside.

Sign the petition to demand that Alexander & Baldwin save what’s great about Kailua by saving Pali Lanes. #SavePaliLanes